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General Conditions of Sale & Rental

Any order placed on the site implies the prior acceptance of the general conditions of sale indicated below:


All the essential characteristics of the products are indicated on the site. For more information on the products: or by phone at 0767787734.

The prices indicated are inclusive of VAT and the cost of delivery in mainland France is mentioned for each product.
Stocks are indicated for each product.
All orders are validated upon receipt of full payment made exclusively via our website: .

Is my online payment secure?

The reservation  of session(s) rental(s), lessons, ride(s) or championship(s) or the purchase of Electric Skateboards and Drive Your Board accessories is made online, via payment by credit card or by using from a Paypal account. The security of the tool and the payment system is ensured by our trusted third parties  PayPal  and Stripe. Drive Your Board does not have your credit card number on its servers at any time. The following cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to buy products or rental sessions on the website.


All our products are dispatched after having undergone a visual and functional check. On-site collection in the city of PARIS (France) is offered to the customer and is completely free.

In the event that the product is damaged during transport, handwritten reservations must be made to the delivery person, and we must be informed within three days by email to or by post.
As soon as the product is sent, an email will be sent to you notifying you of its departure.
Delivery times are 3 to 5 working days, in general.

Specific indications for sending abroad:

Deliveries outside mainland France are subject to special pricing (Colissimo international) and customs disputes may arise due to taxes relating to each country. These disputes are the sole responsibility of the customer.
Deliveries outside the European Union are possible, send us an email before ordering.

Countries where shipping is possible:
France exclusively
European Union & other countries: first send an email to

General payment and shipping information:

The price is indicated including VAT and the delivery depends on the product ordered.

Guarantees Scope

All our products (excluding services, lessons & rentals) benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty in force, parts and labor for a period of 2 years excluding wear parts such as the normal deterioration of battery life (10 % every 300 cycles), wheels, bearings, as well as normal wear of the board, trucks and bushings.

The legal guarantee against hidden defects in application of articles 1640 and following of the civil code also applies.

Product warranty

Drive Your Board customers benefit from 2 mandatory guarantees, the conditions of which are provided for by law: the legal guarantee against hidden defects and the legal guarantee of conformity. These two legal warranties do not really apply to electric skateboards because they are subject to strong usage constraints that can cause product wear. Drive Your Board offers its customers a 2-year commercial guarantee, and an overhaul, but subject to the conditions below.

Legal guarantee of conformity and legal guarantee against hidden defects

This warranty as well as any other warranty is not transferable on products sold second-hand.

When you buy a product from us, we guarantee the product against its hidden defects. For this, there is a legal guarantee set by law: The legal guarantee against hidden defects. This warranty applies in the following cases: the defect was hidden, it existed on the date of purchase and it renders the product unusable. You must prove the existence of the defect. You have a period of 2 years from the discovery of the defect. In accordance with legal provisions, we will refund, exchange or compensate any product covered by this guarantee.

Important: In order for you to benefit from this guarantee and obtain credibility regarding the hidden defect, the product must be in new condition.

Remark :
DRIVE YOUR BOARD is a company whose design of certain elements is artisanal: the board, as well as all the casings and fixing systems of the boxes. Thus, these elements may present some minor aesthetic defects or present a very slight difference compared to the photos presented on the site and on our social networks. These alterations in no way affect the quality and/or reliability of the final product. Nevertheless, if you notice a defect that would have gone unnoticed, contact us and we will find a solution to satisfy you or reimburse you.

Commercial guarantee

We remind our customers that the commercial guarantee is not an obligation for Drive Your Board* and it is offered only if it complies with the following ethical conditions:

  • The customer undertakes in his declaration to our after-sales service, to inform us of the truth and only of the truth concerning the defect and the origin of the defect reported.
  • The client agrees to respect our teams and our work
  • The customer must contact our after-sales service as a priority before even spreading the subject of the problem with his Drive Your Board electric skateboard on the Internet.

The commercial warranty applies under conditions, for all products purchased from the website . It is limited to electric skateboards and accessories sold only by Drive Your Board. The commercial guarantee starts from the date of invoice and the buyer must be able to prove his purchase with the latter. Our commercial warranty does not cover second-hand purchases, i.e. all Drive Your Board products purchased second-hand.

The buyer is expressly informed that the seller is not the producer of all the products presented within the meaning of law n° 98-389 of May 19, 1998 relating to liability for defective products. For all these other products sold on the site, in the event of a claim with this product, Drive Your Board cannot be held responsible and clears itself of all consequences related to this claim.

Return costs during the warranty period are borne by Drive Your Board France. A return form will be issued, the buyer is requested not to take any action before receiving the return form.

Our guarantees apply provided that:

  • That the Electric Skateboard has been used in accordance with the load for which it is intended: less than 75kg for Flex 1, between 75 and 90kg for flex 2, from 90kg to 115kg for flex3.
  • That the Electric Skateboard has not been used in the rain, snow or humidity
  • Whether the Electric Skateboard has been cleaned only with a dry or damp cloth. All products that have been cleaned with a water jet will be excluded from our guarantees.
  • That the failure is not related to a shock of the board against another element.
  • That none of our boxes containing the electronics of our products have been opened and/or modified.

Our Electric Skateboards have a 12-month commercial warranty on all of the following items:

  • Battery: 12 months warranty (except in the event of a visible and obvious defect due to humidity or shock). For the avoidance of doubt, acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale means that the buyer accepts that the battery of the electric skateboard is a consumable;
  • Battery charger: 12 months warranty (except in case of visible and obvious defect due to humidity or shock);
  • Remote control: 12 months warranty (except in the event of a visible and obvious defect due to humidity or shock);
  • Motor: 12 months warranty (except in the event of a visible and obvious defect due to humidity or impact);
  • Electronic controller: 12 months warranty (except in case of visible and obvious defect due to humidity or shock).

Some elements of the product are wearing parts of the electric skateboard, so the commercial warranty offered by Drive Your Board does not cover the following elements:

  • The grip;
  • Trucks and their elements;
  • The wheels ;
  • Bearings;
  • The hardware of the entire electric skateboard.
  • The degradation of the boxes and the board: scratches and other traces of impact

All other parts not mentioned above are guaranteed parts and labor: 2 years.

How to implement the warranty

As soon as the breakdown occurs, we invite you to contact our French Hotline at the following number: 0767787734 or via the following email: leaving us all your contact details including your telephone number. Our team will contact you within 5 days maximum to decide on the coverage of the repairs of the product.

The revision

Exclusivity Drive Your Board, we offer you a technical control of the board offered . This technical control is valid once and within the limit of 2 years from the date of purchase. The revision only reports an inventory of the Drive Your Board Electric Skateboard concerning the following components: The board, its boxes and all the fixing systems, the wheels, the bearings, the motors, the controller, the trucks as well as the bushings.

During the overhaul, one or more parts may prove to be out of service or obsolete, in which case our teams may contact the customer concerned to decide with him whether or not to change the part(s). Any modifications made to the product will be the sole responsibility of the customer and will in no case be the responsibility of the company Drive Your Board except, if these fall within the scope of the guarantees presented above.

Before any revision, the customer must inform the Drive Your Board team in writing of the slightest defect noticed on the electric skateboard. In the absence of protection, the Drive Your Board team disclaims all liability in the event of non-declaration of a technical problem with the electric skateboard. Thus Drive Your Board can not be held responsible for obvious defects not reported.

Right to retract

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, the buyer has a period of 14 working days from the date of delivery of his order to return any item that does not suit him and request an exchange or refund without penalty. , with the exception of return costs which remain the responsibility of the buyer.

The products must however be returned in their original packaging with their accessories, instructions, invoice and in perfect condition within 7 days of notification to the seller of the buyer’s decision to withdraw. Any returns must allow immediate re-marketing in new condition.

Damaged, soiled or incomplete products are not taken back.

The right of withdrawal can be used by contacting the seller via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: Drive Your Board – 2 Rue des Batignolles, 75017 PARIS or by email to

In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal within the aforementioned period, the price of the product(s) purchased is reimbursed and the delivery costs are reimbursed to the buyer.

Responsibility of the buyer:

In the case of the purchase of a Drive Your Board Electric Skateboard, it is up to the purchaser to take note of the precautions which are necessary when using any product containing one or more lithium batteries. Drive Your Board having no way of controlling the maintenance and use of its products, the buyer  takes full responsibility for the use he makes of the products, and for their future.

Drive Your Board cannot be held responsible for damages suffered by  the use of its products: fall, breakage, injury or any other disaster.

Legal obligation :

Since October 2019, any purchaser of an NVE (new electric vehicle) therefore of our products, must take out insurance, at least civil liability (theft and fire strongly recommended). All Drive Your Board products are equipped with a serial number to communicate to its insurer. We advise you to contact the agency Wizzas insurer for Electric Skateboard. Link here Ensure all your soft mobility: EDPM, VAE… | WIZZAS Mobilities .

Intellectual property

Any total or partial reproduction of the site and these general conditions of sale is prohibited.
The innovations created by Drive Your Board under the trade name Drive Your Board remain the intellectual property of the company, and are protected by French law as such, the date of posting and marketing proving, under the law, the paternity Artwork.

We regularly file with the INPI the patentable elements of our innovations, in witness of which we reserve the right to take legal action against anyone who allows himself, for commercial purposes, to copy or be inspired by our research presented here.

Computing and Freedom :

At any time, “you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you (art 34 of the law “Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978)”.

Legislation and practice of electric skateboarding

Our Drive Your Board Electric Skateboards are intended for private track use only. We also offer an approved version whose maximum speed of the vehicle reaches 25km/h for those who wish to travel on the road & in accordance with the legislation in force.


Registered company name: Drive Your Board SAS

Address: 2 Rue des Batignolles, 75017 PARIS

RCS number and city: PARIS Trade and Companies Register
Trade register: 840645717
VAT number: FR19840645717

E-mail address:
CEO/CEO: Christophe CHARVOLIN – Managing Director: Randy BOMOLO

Share capital: €1000

Reproduction rights:

The site is the property of the company DRIVE YOUR BOARD in full, as well as all the rights relating thereto. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, is systematically subject to authorization (request by email)
However, external links to the site are permitted without specific requests.

Contact us

Drive Your Board – 2 Rue des Batignolles – 75017 PARIS – email: – Phone: 0767787734

*The above provisions do not exclude the application of the legal guarantee of conformity of article L. 217-4 of the Consumer Code and the guarantee of defects of the thing sold of articles 1641 and following of the Code Civil.

General Rental Conditions

The purpose of this document is to set the terms of rental and supervision with an instructor of outings in Electric Skateboards, offered by DRIVE YOUR BOARD. In the following, the client will be referred to as the “user”.

Article 1 – User of the Electric Skateboard

The user declares to be able to practice Electric Skateboarding and to be unaware of any medical contraindication. Minors must provide an authorization signed by their legal representative allowing them to rent an Electric Skateboard. The lessor cannot be held responsible for damages due to the incapacity of the user.

Article 2 – Responsibility and commitments of the user

Electric Skateboards, equipment and accessories are deemed to comply with the regulations in force when rented and in good working order. The equipment and accessories are fixed according to safety standards. The user must be covered by civil liability insurance. It releases the DRIVE YOUR BOARD lessor from any liability arising from the use of the rented equipment, in particular with regard to accidents and damage caused to third parties due to the use of the Electric Skateboard. The rented equipment (Electric Skateboard and accessories) remains the exclusive property of DRIVE YOUR BOARD for the duration of the loan. The user cannot sublet them to a third party. The user is solely responsible for any damage caused to the rented equipment or due to its use. The user acknowledges that the loaned equipment is in perfect working order. The user undertakes to use the equipment with care, to respect the instructions for use and safety which will be transmitted to him by the lessor, to use the Electric Skateboard  lent on cycle paths only and/or on private land. He undertakes to return the Electric Skateboard in its original state on the dates agreed in the contract. The user declares to submit to these rules of the highway code. If it contravenes the laws and regulations in force during the rental, the lessor DRIVE YOUR BOARD can in no way be held responsible. The user undertakes to do everything possible to avoid the theft or damage to the rented Electric Skateboard. In the event of a technical failure of the Electric Skateboard during the contract, the user cannot initiate repair work on his own initiative. He is required to inform the lessor and return the Electric Skateboard there. At his request, the electric skateboard will be replaced, subject to availability and in the absence of faulty liability on the part of the user, for the remaining period. The user may not claim reimbursement of costs or invoices, or damages. Any aggressive, disrespectful behavior or refusal to comply with these regulations will result in the refusal of the rental.

The user of DRIVE YOUR BOARD Electric Skateboards must ride only on a hard, smooth and dry surface. In the event of inappropriate use of DRIVE YOUR BOARD electric skateboards or use on wet or soaked ground, the sole responsibility of the user is engaged: his deposit may also be seized.

Article 3 – Subscription of the contract and terms of rental

In order to sign a rental contract, the user must present proof of identity (identity card, driving license, passport). – Duration of rental, extension, termination: Any rental, regardless of the duration chosen when subscribing to the contract, is due in full. When returning the Electric Skateboard, the user must come no later than 30 minutes before the closing of the rental service. He can then, if he wishes, renew his rental. In case of renewal, the user must present the rented Electric Skateboard. At the end of the rental period, in the event of non-return of the Electric Skateboard, the delay or non-return will be invoiced in accordance with the rates in force on The prices charged are those of the rates in force on the website at the time of booking, the lessor reserving the right to modify its rates at any time. The new rates will only be applied when the user starts a new rental period. The user is required to pay for his first rental period on the day the rental begins. If the user wishes to renew his contract, the second rental periods must be paid before they come into force. Otherwise, the user will be required to pay late payment penalties. The means of payment accepted by DRIVE YOUR BOARD are: online payment on the website

At any time, DRIVE YOUR BOARD reserves the right to recover the electric skateboard rented to the user without providing proof. If DRIVE YOUR BOARD interrupts a rental voluntarily, then the user will be compensated for the amount of rental time remaining on his contract.

Article 4 – Deposit Prior to the return of the rented equipment

The user must submit his identity document, driving license or passport when collecting the equipment. A member of staff may also require a deposit of €400 payable to DRIVE YOUR BOARD. We therefore invite you to come to your session with a checkbook.

Article 5 – Restitution

The rented Electric Skateboard must imperatively be returned at the latest on the day and at the time indicated on the rental contract. The deposit will be returned to the user when the rented equipment is returned. Any delay will be subject to late payment penalties of €100 per calendar day. However, the user may renew his rental for a new period; in this case the late payment penalties will not be invoiced. In the event of theft, payment of the value of the new Electric Skateboard will be due immediately. In the absence of this payment, the lessor reserves the right to initiate all legal proceedings, in particular, to obtain payment.

Article 6 – Invoicing to the user

In the event of non-compliance with the previous clauses of the rental contract, or in the event of damage to the rented equipment, the user will have to pay the following invoices: – Invoice for the price of the new Electric Skateboard, in the case of a failure to return: Invoice for an amount equivalent to the corresponding repair invoice, in the case of repairs resulting from damage or missing parts. – Invoice for the amount of late payment penalties (see article 6) A receipt will be given to the user on request, once payment has been received.

Article 7 – times and place

Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 2 rue des Batignolles – 75017 PARIS.

The meeting place to collect and return the board is: Place de la Concorde, 75008 PARIS.

Article 8 – Data processing and freedoms

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, files and freedoms, every person has the right to access and rectify information concerning you.