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How to choose your electric skateboard ?

The electric skateboard is a pleasant, practical and ecological means of transportation. Very fashionable lately, it offers a great comfort of use thanks to its weight – lighter than the first versions – and its battery. With it, you can travel several kilometers easily with a minimum of effort! But you still have to choose the right model.

Indeed, in a few years, the electric skateboard market has developed well and there is now a fairly complete offer of references, for all tastes and all budgets. This allows everyone to find their happiness. However, with so many choices, it is not always clear which model is the best. That’s why, before buying one, we advise you to take the time to study several criteria including the features, finishes and options offered. The goal is to choose equipment that meets your needs in order to fully enjoy it.

Technical characteristics to be taken into account

Several criteria are important when choosing your electric skateboard. First of all the weight, because the lighter it is, the easier it is to carry by hand (on stairs for example). On the other hand, when it is heavy, it certainly offers a better comfort of use, but it is cumbersome. As an indication, the board on sale on our site weighs 6kg without battery and 8kg with. In both cases, it is easy to transport.

Then, pay attention to the wheels, their diameter and their hardness. Very often, they are made from polyurethane or urethane. When they are small, they are very handy & dynamic but bring less comfort because they generate more vibration with the road. When they are large, they provide more comfort, stability and also allow you to go faster. On our site, we offer wheels that can go up to 40 km/h and Cloudwheels for a speed of 45 km/h.

Then, think of checking the power of the motor (1000 W for the one of our board) and the autonomy of the battery (15 or 30 km for the two versions on sale on our site). These two criteria are important because they have consequences on the use of your electric skateboard.

Finally, check the safety devices, including the braking system and the presence of lighting, which is essential for travelling at night.

Customization options, important details

After the technical characteristics, the finishes and options available must be analyzed. They are less important than the first ones, but they should not be neglected because they contribute to the comfort and pleasure of use. So consider whether you can customize your electric skateboard so that it is truly tailored to your uses and preferences. This is the case on our site where you can choose different elements such as wheels, trucks, battery capacity (and therefore autonomy), and a bridled version – with horn and lights at the front and rear – or unbridled. Various accessories are also available for your safety (a helmet for example) or to personalize your board even more. In just a few clicks, you can order the ideal model to accompany you on your daily journeys. So don’t wait any longer to discover our online configuration module!