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History of STRAT

There was no skateboard simply adapted to the rider so we created it

After 10 years of riding, we never found a practical, customizable, fun and repairable electric skateboard so we created it: Strat.

Born in 2016 in Paris, Drive Your Board has never stopped leveraging its experience in e-mobility to develop good electric skateboards. In 2019, our team is partnering with Seven Suns longboard, a renowned shaper who makes us a board adapted to accommodate Strat electronics without losing the advantages of skateboarding. In 2021, we are releasing the Clips’N’Go, a system allowing you to interchange your battery, motors, wheels and thus have a Strat that is always different from the others. This modularity also allows us to manage our products in an eco-responsible way. Our French customer service accompanies you throughout the life of your board so you never run out of juice because “it’s all about the ride baby”!


All our boards are made in France by Seven Suns longboard. With precision, they are machined to receive the electronics, adapt to your morphology and will provide you with unique ride sensations.

Unlimited Experience

With Strat, we wanted to extend your riding pleasure according to your desires. We did it with the Clips'N'Go system designed by our team. It keeps your board light for more freedom and emits no noise pollution. A first !


Strat will match your criteria with dozens of possible customizations. Our team is constantly innovating to bring new developments to your Strat so that your pleasure lasts forever.

Proximity services

Being as close as possible to support you is our priority, which is why we have chosen to concentrate all our services from production to marketing in France. Our proximity allows us to live this adventure with you, to adapt and help you in every situation.

Environmentally friendly

Modularity is the key to reducing our ecological impact on the planet. Strat is intended to be durable. Each module is independent and interchangeable by anyone. Yes, our goal is to help you keep your Strat always functional in the easiest way possible.

A French & Parisian team

When I met Randy, I knew from the moment we spoke that together we were going to transform the way you will use an electric skateboard.

The team

‍Snowboarder, Longboarder and Electric Skateboarder, Chris is at the origin of Drive Your Board. He is the voice of Drive Your Board and talks about DYB everywhere. He also created in 2019 in Paris the Courses & Rentals to finally allow everyone to ride an electric skateboard. Also there to roll up their sleeves when it comes to helping Randy; in short, Chris is the Swiss army knife of DYB!

Designing the best.
Technology lover and Tony Stark look-alike in his spare time, Randy develops all the Hardware and Software parts of DYB to build a new product, in accordance with Chris’ feedback. According to its very high quality standards, he ensures that the product provides exceptional sensations while remaining reliable, safe and adapted to your needs. He powers the engines of skateboarding while being himself an engine for DYB.

Join us !