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Battery 30km

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This Clips’N’Go 30 battery is your ally for outings of up to 30km. Thanks to this pack, you bet on a generous autonomy to cover great distances.
With your Clips’N’Go 30 or Clips’N’Go 15 Pack, you can be free to extend your trip by carrying as many extra batteries as you need. Yes, all our batteries are equipped with the Clips’N’Go system, in 2 seconds unclip and clip at will to extend your journeys.

Don’t be afraid of knocks: all our cases are reinforced with 2mm thick black matte anodized aluminum plates.

Features 30km:

252WH lithium lion
Cell: Sony VTC6
Capacity: 3000mah (i.e. 6000mah in total for the 20km battery)
Chemistry: Li-ion
Nominal voltage: 3.6V (i.e. 36V in total for the 20km battery)
Max discharge current: 30A (i.e. 60A in total for the 20km battery)
Rechargeable: on any conventional mains socket
Charging Port: DC 2.1
Height: 57mm
Width: 186mm
Length: 222mm
Weight: 1.954 kg


10km, 20km

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