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x1 Caliber III Trucks

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If you are looking for more stability, we recommend the Caliber III.


We have specially selected the Caliber III for their incredible performance. Solid, precise and responsive are qualities specific to these trucks. In addition, they are available in different colors to have a board in harmony with your tastes.


We recommend the Caliber III to all riders looking for more stability on their board. The Caliber IIIs offer top-of-the-range bushings and have been revisited at the hanger level to gain even more solidity. They are composed of a double barrel bushing and a 96A polyurethane pivot cup.


The Caliber III truck is also perfect for gaining stability on difficult terrain such as paved roads, dilapidated roads or dirt roads.


Technical sheet:

Width (mm): 184mm

Truck Type: RKP

Angle: 44°


Raw, Black, Bourbon, Red, Blue

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