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A unique Seven Suns deck in the world

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You reach the starting point in PARIS : Pont de l’Alma, Quais de Seine, Rive Gauche

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Customer Reviews

rémy Caret
rémy Caret
2 months ago
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Very pleasant course with a very nice and educational teacher! Christophe knows perfectly how to balance autonomy and advice and does it with a lot of benevolence I highly recommend the experience!
laurene godfroy
laurene godfroy
2 months ago
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At the top! Great class with Chris on the docks!
sébastien GEREMIA
sébastien GEREMIA
2 months ago
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Great one and a half hour class last Saturday with my son under the Parisian sun with Christophe, Drive your Board teacher. The fun! We will definitely buy a board!
Val Delfosse