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Hikes, challenges, Evg / Evjf, seminars, Birthdays...

And all your special requests from 35€ per person

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Customer Reviews

rémy Caret
rémy Caret
2 months ago
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Very pleasant course with a very nice and educational teacher! Christophe knows perfectly how to balance autonomy and advice and does it with a lot of benevolence I highly recommend the experience!
laurene godfroy
laurene godfroy
2 months ago
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At the top! Great class with Chris on the docks!
sébastien GEREMIA
sébastien GEREMIA
2 months ago
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Great one and a half hour class last Saturday with my son under the Parisian sun with Christophe, Drive your Board teacher. The fun! We will definitely buy a board!
Val Delfosse
Val Delfosse
2 months ago
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After a 1h electric skateboard initiation course with Chris, everything went well! As a first experience, it's great, Chris is very educational and takes the time to explain things! The longboard and the equipment are of very good quality and allow a fast and easy learning. I recommend it!
5 months ago
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Great 1h session where Chris was able to teach me the basics of electric skateboarding ! Very good atmosphere, very good advice and support to progress and feel comfortable! Thanks again!


School and electric skateboard rental in Paris

The electric skateboard is a mode of transportation that is becoming more and more popular.

Providing unique sensations of sliding, it also allows to move with ease in all spaces and particularly in the city where traffic and parking can be complicated.

But you still have to be comfortable with it. That’s why, in addition to buying online and customizing your equipment, our team offers courses to learn how to use an electric skateboard or to progress and develop your level. They are taught by instructors from our electric skateboard school in Paris and last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your choice.

Rental offers are also available to snowboarders so that you can test our equipment and discover its performance before – if you are interested – buying one from our e-shop.

Our courses and rentals in Paris can be booked online, directly on our website. It’s simple, convenient and as soon as we receive your reservation, we contact you within 24 hours to schedule your lesson or test.

Our electric skateboard school in Paris will accompany you in your initiation and your progression. Whether you are inexperienced or a beginner, you can book an online course to learn how to use an e-skate. In this session, we explain the basics such as posture management, braking, acceleration and cornering. Two options are available: a complete 30-minute initiation for 25€; a more complete 1-hour course with an outing in Paris to put your basics into practice, for 35€.

In both cases the loan of a board and a helmet is included, so it gives you the opportunity to easily test the electric skateboard. Moreover, you are accompanied by an instructor who watches over your safety and helps you get your bearings on a board. To book your course in our school, simply select the duration (30 min or 1 hour) to access the available slots on the date of your choice.

If you already have experience in skateboarding (electric or classic) or in board sports (snowboard for example), you can test our product in Paris by renting it. In addition to the board, we provide you with the helmet and we explain the functioning of our equipment. Before we let you go, your level is evaluated by one of our instructors to ensure that your session is safe. If you do not have enough experience, you must go through an initiation session. Also, the booking of your electric skateboard test in Paris is done online, on our website. After indicating the duration of the rental (in 30 minute increments), you will be able to access the available dates and time slots.

If you wish to rent a board for a long period of time: several days or more than 1 month, do not hesitate to contact us

And if you want to make a hike or if you want to organize an original event, our team accompanies you by proposing various activities (birthday, seminar … etc.) from 35 € per participant. To learn more about our rental packages, our rides or our school sessions, please contact us!

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