Promo: 1h30 de cours offert sur l’achat de votre strat

& Upgradable

Strat adapts to your desires


Up to 46km/h


Unlimited Autonomy


2 years warranty
& Lifetime Support

By your side

Our team 100% French there to support you


Shaped by Seven Suns Longboard

A supple and responsive bamboo & carbon fiber board that will bring you comfort, grip and a dynamic recovery in your turns.


Simple and limitless
Our innovation made in France Clips’N’Go is unique and gives you the freedom to go where you want. All while keeping a light skateboard: 6kg without battery and 8kg with it.

"Practical & Efficient"


Strat adapts to you: comfort, speed, autonomy. Everything is fully modular for endless fun!


Extremely discreet, Strat is forgotten in favor of a pleasant movement in absolute silence.


Discreet, resistant engines, capable of making you travel at 46 km/h. The hills won't stop you!

We teach you

For any purchase of Strat an electric skateboard lesson
of 1h30 with an instructor is offered to you.

We teach you

We teach you serenely: 1h30 of lessons with an instructor for any purchase of a Strat

The board
Flexibility & Sensations

A simple and refined design created to measure in France by the Shapeur Seven Suns. With its feline shape and made of bamboo, carbon and fiberglass, this deck is cut to give you a precise flex adapted to your weight and a playful rebound in your turns. The composition will give you ease in riding your board while maintaining flexibility and stability thanks to its unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcement. All combined with a grip designed to make it easier to carry the board in the hand, but also a varnish to protect it and make it easier to maintain.

Clips as you go


Li-ion type with rated voltage 3.6V and max discharge current 35A, they will never heat up. And for the hottest among you, we have added an anti-overheating safety device. Recharge it anywhere on any mains socket with our compact & silent chargers.

In addition, to avoid running out of fuel: all our batteries are equipped with the Clips’N’Go system. This offers you the possibility to extend your journey to infinity in 2 seconds.

Performance & Durability

Strat has two hub motors built into the wheels. Each motor has a power of 500W or 1000W at the back of the board. These engines are the perfect compromise with crisp acceleration and incredible top speed. Also, they don’t heat up.

Durable motors: with their closed cage, these motors are not afraid of dust, stones or impacts.
An incredible freewheel: yes Strat can also be ridden like a traditional skateboard, by pushing with your foot. That’s the advantage of Strat motor hubs.

FOC Technology – Absolute Silence

Powerful and smooth when accelerating and braking, absolutely silent thanks to the FOC (Field Oriented Control) algorithm. Quite simply the reference in the matter, because nothing is too good for your board.

Simple and efficient

1: Wheel, up to move forward, down to brake

2: Driving mode indicator and also Board battery level indicator

3: Power indicator

4: Remote control ignition button. Long press to turn on the remote control and short press to indicate the board’s battery level

5: Indicator of connection with the board

6: Micro usb charging port

7: Reverse mode

8: Driving mode setting button

Stability at the service of pleasure

Composed of a 44° base and a 184mm hanger, our aluminum trucks allow you to have good ground clearance and to be stable whatever your speed.
Our trucks maintain a playful cornering character and are fully adjustable.
If your roads are damaged or you take areas made of cobblestones, we recommend the Caliber III trucks available in different colors. Equipped with Venom plug Barrel bushings with a hardness of 90A and a 96A polyurethane pivot cup, you will gain in stability & precision with the Caliber III trucks.

Reactivity and comfort

We have 3 types of wheels:

Our standard and white Boa wheels are made of urethane and have a diameter of 90mm. These wheels are reactive, and adapted to smooth asphalt.

To increase your comfort and ride anywhere: damaged roads, cobblestones, dirt roads; we offer Cloudwheels. These 120mm diameter wheels are wider and offer a material so soft that you’ll feel like you’re riding on a cloud.

Made in France

Developed, produced, assembled and maintained in France


40km/h with standard wheels & 46km/h with Cloudwheels wheels


Eco French design by Seven Suns Longboard and made of bamboo, ash, multiaxial fiberglass and carbon.


Notched on the sides


1000W & 75 KV: the best reliability/performance compromise

Battery Clips’N’Go

2 different batteries


Cell: Samsung INR21700-40T
Capacity: 4000mAh
Full charge: 2h / 1h in fast charge


Cell: Sony VTC6
Capacity: 6000mAh
Full charge: 3h / 1h30 in fast charge





184mm aluminum hanger
44° Base & Bushing Double Barrels

Caliber III 184mm aluminum
Precision 44° Trucks & Double Barrel Bushings

Bridging version: Fitted with a buzzer and two LED pads: white lighting at the front and red at the rear

We commit ourselves :

Our goal is to make you happy and share our passion for electric skateboarding with you.

Thus, for the pleasure to be infinite, we are committed to:

  • Guarantee your Strat for a period of 2 years ( see CGV )
  • Offer you a service valid for 2 years for your Strat
  • Support you for life to keep your Strat in good condition. For this we are present in Paris in France and by telephone here .

Delivery is provided by our carrier from Paris/France to all member countries of the European Union. For any order and as soon as the package is sent, you will receive a tracking number for your package by email.

Here are our delivery times:

  • 7 to 15 days to send you a Strat with a Standard setup
  • 10 to 20 days to send you a Strat with a setup equipped with Caliber III Trucks
  • 30 to 45 days to send you a Strat with a setup equipped with Cloudwheels.

You can however check with our teams here who will be able to inform you according to our arrivals the time necessary to deliver your Strat to you.


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I had the opportunity to test it during a 2h30 ride in Paris and I admit I loved it. The board is of very good quality, comfortable and very stable. Getting started is easy and the control lever is very intuitive. The battery is easily interchangeable, that's a real plus. We really have a feeling of fun and freedom. Long live the designers and the Strat!!
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Huge fan of this board! Absolute quality, not found elsewhere. Proud to know that this product is French! Light, quiet, smooth and reliable. Very satisfied with this product, I recommend with eyes closed
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Discovered for an initiation with a lot of apprehensions I was very surprised at the ease of use, after 15 minutes we are already having fun and the Strat takes all the obstacles, it has become my daily means of transport! if you hesitate, do not hesitate!
Adrian Bodysuit
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I have a STRAT for a few months now, it is excellent! The deck is super comfortable, flexible as it should be. Acceleration is the top speed, it's a delight to get around Paris. The battery switch is super simple, to push the limits and do more than 20km in the day. The sav is at the top thank you Randy and Chris! Really I don't regret my purchase, I compared with other cheaper boards but they don't have the quality of this one. Once the battery is removed, the board is super light to carry in a bag, it's great! Super quiet board when riding. All that's missing are the lights!
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Today's test of the Strat…beginner…it's super easy to access, it's quiet…light very light (compared to an Australian equivalent) but it can also go fast…to test it is to adopt it!
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Newcomer to the e-skate, I chose the STRAT for its beautiful design, its fair price and the cool attitude of its creators with whom I had been able to test one of the prototypes during an initiation. Well, I was not disappointed, but then not at all: the board is magnificent, works perfectly and the after-sales service is just brilliant (I was indeed able to test the quality and responsiveness of the after-sales service following a small problem which will quickly been settled since it came from a handling error on my part…). After two weeks of use, I am satisfied, the handling is super easy and fast, the motorization is both smooth and powerful, the ergonomic control and the trucks and wheels are perfect for the use I have. . The whole thing even allows you to get out of the bitumen a little without worry. In short, totally STRATISFACT!
William T
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What a deck! the board is beautiful and silent, the best urban transport combining fun and practicality. Added to all this is impeccable after-sales service, the team is available, friendly, caring to ensure you have the best possible experience.