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Why choose the electric skateboard?

To get around today, there are different solutions, including the electric skateboard. Original, this mode of transport seduces by its accessibility, its design and its functioning. Indeed, being equipped with a battery, it allows to go faster than on foot – up to 45 km/h for our model – and in all discretion because it is silent. Unlike other means of travel, it does not pollute and is suitable for a wide range of people. Moreover, it can be used in the city as well as in the country, and its size makes it easy to handle. Smaller, lighter and less cumbersome than a bicycle for example, it can be taken by hand. Resembling in appearance a classic skateboard, this electric version offers a greater comfort of use. And on our online store, the battery is available in two models(15 km or 30 km of autonomy), it allows you to choose the capacity best suited to your uses.

A practical and easy way to travel

With an electric skateboard, it is possible to travel several kilometers with little effort. As reliable as a bicycle or scooter, this means of transportation accompanies you everywhere: to go to class, to work, to friends’ houses, to do some shopping, to go for a walk… No matter where you are going, it makes your travel easier.

It is also characterized by its flexibility because it can be used without a battery, which is an advantage when the battery is discharged and it is impossible to recharge it immediately. Its operation is also more ecological and economical because it does not need gasoline. You don’t need a license to use it either. You just need to be at least 12 years old. In the same way, riding an electric skateboard is very pleasant, in the climbs in particular because it is less tiring. Its use concerns a large number of people since it is not necessary to be an experienced skater to buy one. If you are a beginner, you just need to plan a learning phase and practice before considering a city trip. Without training, you may not be comfortable on it, which can be dangerous.

High-performance equipment that gives you freedom

Thanks to its battery, the electric skateboard allows you to go from one place to another according to your desires. You are no longer dependent on public transport schedules and routes and if you have a car, you can leave it in the garage for your short trips. It gives you more autonomy in your movements. And on the board, you enjoy a feeling of freedom and sensations that you don’t feel on foot or by bike. It’s a new experience that you quickly get used to!

Plus, our Clips’N’Go system makes it easy to install and remove the battery. In a few seconds, you can switch from manual to electric mode and vice versa. You also benefit from a bamboo and carbon fiber board with a great flexibility, a real natural suspension while riding. Without forgetting its manufacture which is made in France. So don’t wait any longer to discover the joys of this new generation skateboard!